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14 things every woman needs to know about thrush (UK)
2. It can be passed on through sexual activity. Thrush commonly affects the genitals, meaning it can be triggered by sexual activity. But it can also be passed from one person to another through sexual activity too - and that includes men. It's not ...

Crop pesticide could fight hospital fungus | SBS News
Compounds developed to protect farmers' crops could be used to fight a life-threatening fungal infection that is invading hospitals.

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Opioids may be tied to an increased risk of life-threatening infections. Animal studies have shown that opioids suppress the immune system, but their clinical effect in human infections has not been widely studied. In a new report published in the Annals ...

‘T-E’ is a defect in the part of the skull that separates the brain from the ear. This can cause brain fluid leakage and even meningitis. Now, an innovative endoscopic operation is minimizing the incision and impact on the brain; repairing the problem ...