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Daily Mail

The ambitious eco-house project of Mark and Candida Diacono
Daily Mail
Grand Designs trailer from November 2016 features the ambitious project of Mark and Candida Diacono who built an eco-home on their nearly 17 acres of land and vineyard near Honiton thanks to crowdfunding. Cops called to Beverly Hills Hotel in... Read ...

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Is It Safe to Have Sex With a Yeast Infection?
When I got back to New York City after three weeks of recent travel, I had one thing—err, person—at the top of my to-do list: my partner. There was just one little hiccup, though. I had a yeast infection. As many of us know a little too well, yeast ...

The Brief Case: Disseminated Histoplasma capsulatum in a Patient ...
Journal of Clinical Microbiology
A 69-year-old male with no known significant past medical history presented with 2 months of shortness of breath, dry cough, subjective fevers, and an unintentional 20-pound weight loss. Review of symptoms was also notable for constant, diffuse ...

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