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European Pharmaceutical Review

FDA authorises new use of test to identify the emerging pathogen Candida auris
European Pharmaceutical Review
The US Food and Drug Administration has authorised the first test to identify the emerging pathogen Candida auris (C. auris), which can cause serious infections in hospitalised patients. Specifically, the FDA permitted marketing for a new use of the ...

Results from Positive Phase 2 Study of NovaDigm Therapeutics ...
Business Wire (press release)
BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NovaDigm Therapeutics, a company developing innovative immuno-therapeutics and preventative vaccines for fungal and bacterial infections, today announced the publication of data from a Phase 2a study of its NDV-3A vaccine ...

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Why is your vagina itchy?
Yeast infection/Thrush. Yeast infections (also known as thrush) are also really common. You can tell you have a yeast infection if your discharge is thick and white, like cottage cheese, you feel itching and irritation in around the vagina, and you ... (UK)

14 things every woman needs to know about thrush (UK)
Thrush (also known as candidiasis) is yeast infection usually most commonly by a fungus called Candida. While you might have images of mushrooms growing inside you, don't panic, it can be perfectly normal to have Candida. In fact, the fungus can be a ...